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Jean guide for men


Jake, regular-rise, slim leg


James, Regular-Rise, Skinny Leg


Daniel, low-rise, skinny


Zach, regular-rise, straight leg


Myles, mid-rise, straight leg


Josh, regular-rise, bootcut


Matt, mid rise, relaxed straight leg

Charlie Sporty

Charlie Sporty

How to Love and Care for your Mavi's

  • _ The tumbling action causes shrinkage in cottons such as denim while heat breaks down fibers especially any added for stretch
    *Wash only when absolutely necessary - jeans are meant to be worn more than one or two times before washing. Some people believe in never washing denim, but for most this is unrealistic.

  • 1 Wash denim with like colored items as darker washes may bleed into lighter items

  • 2 Always turn denim inside out to preserve color and finish

  • 3 Use a cold water, gentle cycle on the washing machine

  • 4 Use a gentle detergent such as Woollite. Bleach and fabric softeners should never be used

  • 5 When machine is full, add jeans to the soap/water mixture and run a full cycle

  • 6 To dry, roll in a towel to remove excess water. Lay flat or hang to air dry

  • 7 If insisting on using a dryer, use a low heat cycle for as little time as possible