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Valid until Monday, September 2, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST.

Go back to school in style in our new fall denim collection! To take advantage of this promotion, enter the BTS2019 promo code at checkout. Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • BTS2019 promo code must be entered at checkout in order for 40% discount to apply to products in the order.

  • Promotion will be applied to a maximum of 5 items per order.

  • This promotion cannot be applied to previous orders.

  • The promo code cannot be combined with any other promo code.

  • The promo code cannot be used to purchased gift cards.

  • For every 2 products added to your cart, the cheaper product will be discounted by 40%. 

Example I - Two products are added to cart:

Product (a) is $118 and product (b) is $128. Product (a) will be discounted. 

Example II - Three Product are added to cart:

Product (a) is $118, product (b) is $128 and product (c) is $98. Only product (c) will be discounted by 40%. 

Example III - Four products are added to cart:

Product (a) is $118, product (b) is $128, product (c) is $98 and product (d) is $158. Product (a) and product (c) will be discounted by 40%.

  • Returns: In order to maintain the 40% discount, the two product purchased per discount rule must be maintained. If two items are purchased and one item is returned, the item discounted by 40% will lose its discount and be considered full price. The refund will be reduced by this difference between the discounted price and the full price. 

Example - Two products are purchased, one is returned:

Product (a) is $118 and product (b) is $128 were purchased. Product (a) is the cheaper product and was therefore discounted by 40% or -$47.20, for a new price of $70.80. The order total before tax is $198.80.

Product (b) is returned.

Because only one item is kept, the order is no longer eligible for the 40% discount on the cheaper item. The return amount for product (b) priced at $128 is reduced by the discount received for product (a) at -$47.20. The refund amount will be $80.80.

  • Exchanges: Exchanges for any part of a discounted order may be done for different sizes of the same style only. Exchanges may not be done for different styles. Please return your order and place a new order if you would like a different style.

  • If you are checking out on a mobile device, click on the Show Order Summary drop down button in the checkout to access the promo code box. 
Entering a promo code on a mobile device.


    Please let us know if you have any questions about this promotion by sending us an email to customersupport.ca@mavi.com.