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In celebration of World Environment Day, help support the Indigo Turtles Project, our initiative to save endangered sea turtles native to the Mediterranean, the place we proudly call home.

For the past seven years, in partnership with the Ecological Research Society, we've been dedicated to research,

education, and grassroots mobilization to protect these indigenous sea turtles that are under threat.

Sea turtles are born on land but spend most of their lives in the sea.

They return to their nesting ground where they were born to lay their eggs traveling thousands of sea miles to return home.

Though a female sea turtle lays on average 3,200 eggs in her lifetime, only 40% of the babies make it to the sea. Only 1 in 1,000 survives.

The Ecological Research Society has succeeded in saving over 850,000 turtles to date.

We’ve designed an exclusive t-shirt to raise awareness and support these efforts. The sale of 1 t-shirt saves 5 baby sea turtles and makes a significant contribution to the natural habitat of the Mediterranean Sea.

Indigo Turtles

Support the Indigo Turtles Project and save 5 baby sea turtles today.