What Do The Best Jeans For Short Men Have In Common?

The billowy shirts, the oversized suits, the pant hems dragging along the floor. Okay, so maybe your closet isn’t full of clothing that fits this poorly. But, for short men, it’s true that finding clothes that fit well can be a real struggle, even when given the option of a clothing brands list that caters to various sizes. This is especially true when it comes to getting jeans for short men that feel right in the waist, look great, and are an appropriate length.

Instead of trying to find jeans that make you look taller, aim for jeans made for your height. You’ll look and feel better in a pair of jeans with the perfect inseam length for your frame.

How do you find these perfect jeans for short men? That’s where we can help. We’re looking into the do’s and don’ts of dressing for your body type. And, we’re highlighting some options for jeans in the right inseam length and style to flatter shorter frames while feeling super comfortable. 

What to Look for (and Avoid) in Jeans for Short Men 

Like we said, getting the right pair of jeans for your body type doesn’t mean trying to find a pair that makes you look taller. The best jeans for short men should be just that: Made for short men. This starts with the right jean inseam. Measure your inseam (the length from crotch seam to hem) then look for a pair in your size. While avoiding the awkwardness of trying to look taller in an ill-fitting pair, the right inseam can elongate and slim your figure. 

You want to avoid jeans for short men that make you look stocky or disproportionate. This means avoiding pairs that are too baggy, too big, or too long. 

In general, opt for slimmer styles. You should still look for the right inseam, but a slim-fitting jean can do wonders for short men. They lengthen the leg, highlight a slim silhouette, and look elegant. 

Best Slim Leg Styles

To enjoy all the benefits a slim jean can offer men with shorter frames, make sure you’re finding a pair in the right length, size, and fit. You want to avoid a pair that’s too baggy around the crotch or hem, which can lead to fabric bunching at the shoe. The fit should also not be too narrow or constricting – comfort is a priority!

A slim-straight and traditional slim leg are two styles of jeans for short men that can offer both a comfortable, not-too-tight fit and give that sleek, leg-lengthening look.

Slim-Straight Fit

A slim-straight jean is pretty much how it sounds: A cross between a straight leg and slim jean. What this means is the comfort of a roomy straight leg at the hip and thigh with a slight tapering at the leg for a more streamlined, tailored look. 

Our Marcus fit is our signature slim-straight jean that’s a great option for short men. A classic yet sophisticated style in this fit, Marcus Slim Straight Leg In Deep Feather Blue has a comfortable regular rise and ultra-stretchy fabrication. This pair is a part of our collection of 30” inseam jeans, which means you can find your perfect pair regardless of your height.

Slim Jeans

The lengthening and slimming benefits of a slim jean can’t be overlooked when it comes to finding pants for a shorter frame. A slim jean should feel fitted and taper through the leg without feeling too tight or constricting. 

Jake Slim Leg In Rinse Brushed Williamsburg has a modern, clean look in a stretchy, premium fabrication. This pair is available in a jean inseam length ranging from 30” to 36”, which makes it easier to find the right fit for you. Plus, the darker wash, comfortable regular rise, and slim leg make these an excellent pair of jeans for short men looking for the right combination of comfort, fit, and style.  

Follow our tips above when searching for jeans for short men and you can avoid the pitfalls of oversized or ill-fitting clothing. Then, start your search for your favorite pair right here on Mavi. With inseams on our jeans ranging from 30 to 36 inches, it’s never been easier to find a pair that is the perfect length for you.