About us

Established in Istanbul in 1991, our jeans are an expression of over 30 years of experience mastering fabrics, washes and the newest denim technology

We are creating ecofriendly denim that uses less energy, water, and chemicals, and is made with sustainable materials, driving denim innovation in the industry.


Reduction in annual water consumption


Reduction in annual energy consumption


Of products are treated with laser and sustainable wash processes.

Our process

We control the entire manufacturing process - from design to washing and production - and are able to guarantee the highest-quality, sustainable, and on-trend denim at attainable prices.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

We are a company built on quality, innovation, passion, and respect for people and nature. With 30 years of expertise in the denim industry, Mavi's vision has always been to create an exceptional pair of jeans, in both the fit and quality, using less water and energy. We call this approach All Blue and it’s the vision behind our timeless jeans, since after all, durable, purposeful styles that transcend time are the most sustainable of all.

Empowering People & Our Community

We believe a better future starts with our value chain. We provide a work environment where people are respected, differences are embraced, and talent and culture are nurtured. We recognize there is power in unity and we are focused on creating shared values in our community through impact-driven social projects. Our goal is to reach 1 million people every year through sustainability awareness programs. We will allocate 1% of EBITDA to social investments from 2025 onward.

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