Bootleg Jeans For Men Are Back And Better Than Ever

Style is often one of those cyclical journeys, with old favorites returning to the spotlight in newly reimagined ways. Think puffer jackets, slim-fitting turtlenecks, and corduroy pants. They're all having their moment again in the men’s fashion world. Bootleg jeans for men are no different - they’re a throwback style from the 90s and early 2000s that are getting renewed attention with updated styles and fabrications. So what are these new bootleg jean styles we’re talking about? Let’s take a look.


What are Bootleg Jeans for Men?

First thing’s first, let’s talk about what bootleg jeans are in comparison to other men’s jeans styles. As the name suggests, bootleg jeans have room at the hem to go over boots. They're especially useful as jeans to go over cowboy boots. This cut creates a subtle, hourglass silhouette where the jean tapers below the thigh before flaring out again below the knee. 

As far as jeans for a man on the go, bootleg styles are among the most comfortable and versatile. That's due to their roomy fit and flattering construction. Unlike a jean with a skinny fit that can feel too restricting or high waisted jeans with a relaxed straight leg that can drown your silhouette, bootleg jeans follow your body’s natural curves for a sleek look that’s just roomy enough.

How to Wear Bootleg Jeans

Bootleg jeans for a man are a versatile closet staple you can wear for pretty much any casual occasion. Try wearing them with cowboy boots for a fashion-forward, casual look. Or, you can even dress them up for semiformal moments. Let’s look at some styles for inspiration.

Vintage-Inspired Jeans with a Dark Sweater

Pairing bootleg jeans for men with a black or other dark-colored sweater is a truly classic look you can dress up or down. It's a simple yet sophisticated outfit to wear from day to night. A vintage-inspired bootleg jean like our Josh Mid Foggy Williamsburg has the look of classic, authentic denim with a modern fabrication that feels stretchy, soft, and effortless to wear. The cool, retro look of these jeans with a simple and sophisticated dark sweater is a timeless style for work, play, and everything in between.

Dressy Dark Bootleg Jeans 

Dressing up bootleg jeans for a man can be as simple as getting a pair in a rich, dark wash. Dark wash jeans tend to look more sleek and sophisticated, especially when paired with a form-fitting long-sleeve shirt. Wearing a style like our Josh Deep Stanford with a lighter-colored top creates a versatile and elegant look that easily dresses up for more formal occasions. 

Faded Denim with a Button-Down

A classic black shirt is a simple addition to a well-washed denim like our Josh Used Montana. Cool and retro on the bottom, timeless and simple up top, this effortless outfit brings together the best of both worlds. It’s just as easy to transition these jeans to more casual occasions while still looking sleek when you wear a classic T in place of the button-down.

Bootleg jeans for men are back, and Mavi has them in three modern styles that bring this timeless style into this decade. Ultra-comfortable, effortless to style, and endlessly flattering, our men’s bootleg jeans are the complete closet staple every guy deserves to own.