How To Wear Mom Jeans On Different Body Types

Finding your perfect pair of jeans can be like solving a puzzle: There are so many pieces that need to fit together for you to feel comfortable and look great. It’s not just the jean itself that matters here - the fit, material, and cut, for example - but also your body shape and what you feel the most comfortable with. The best women jeans should check off all the boxes and be top-quality in how they’re designed while looking great on your body type.

This is where mom jeans come in. These high-waisted jeans aren’t a signature of the ‘90s anymore. These days, modern styles and fabrications are bringing this fit back into the spotlight. And one of the reasons we love them? Their versatility. Mom jeans on different body types look flattering and stylish while feeling effortless to wear. Here, we’re talking about how to wear our Star and Cindy mom jeans based on your body type. 

The Ultimate Mom Jeans for Different Body Types 

Before we break down each of these mom jeans on different body types, let’s first talk about these fits and what makes them stand out. The first big benefit of these styles is their just-right roomy fit. Both have a comfortable, high waist and roomy fit through the hip and thigh that lets you move freely and easily without looking baggy. Between the two, Cindy fits a bit slimmer through the leg while Star has a more classic, roomy fit of an ‘90s original mom jean.

The next standout of these high-waist jeans? Their quality fabrication and contemporary look. Star and Cindy both come in vintage-looking, premium denim that looks and feels great wear after wear. Star is our ripped mom jean that has heavy washing and distressing for an authentic, edgy style and Cindy has a more timeless look with a rich indigo wash and classic cuff. Both are sophisticated, versatile, and always comfortable.

Now let’s talk about styling these mom jeans on different body types.

The Best Jeans for Curvy Figures 

Celebrate your curves with jeans that fit and flatter in all the right places. High waist jeans are an excellent choice for hourglass figures because they offer comfortable, held-in support at the stomach and highlight your natural waist. A tapered leg that’s not too skinny is also a plus because it elongates your body and balances the contoured shape.

Cindy in Vintage Blue Denim is a great style for curvy women. The high waist and roomy fit around the hip and thigh hug your figure in all the right ways while eliminating extra fabric so there’s no slouch, and the tapered leg slims the silhouette. Made from a vintage-inspired fabric, these have some stretch and look classic and cool. They’re available in a waist size up to 36 so you can feel confident you’ll find the perfect fit.

Going Beyond the Skinny for Petite Body Types

If you have a more petite frame, sometimes you can feel like your only option is skinny jeans because you don’t want to look like you’re drowning in something too big or baggy. But, skinny jeans for women aren’t the only style you can wear; mom jeans on different body types work well on petite figures, too!

Star Mid Retro Blue Denim are ripped mom jeans finished in a light indigo wash that have a classic, 90s edge. They’re great for petite body types because the high waist and tapered leg elongate the frame, and the cropped ankle ensures the length is just right. 

Mom Jeans for Tall Frames

The classic style for tall body types are usually high waisted flare jeans. We know these look great and you should always have a pair in your denim closet, but mom jeans on different body types work for tall frames, too. 

Styles like Cindy Mid Ripped Organic Blue and Star Mid Frayed Recycled Blue highlight your long legs while feeling easy to move around in and wear. Taller women often worry about finding jeans in the right length without looking baggy, and these high waist jeans have a cropped leg and tailored fit so you look proportional. Designed with denim that’s made from partially recycled materials, these jeans are sustainable, stylish, and comfortable - the best of all the worlds. With a rigid structure that has minimal stretch, these look and feel like a true classic you can wear for any occasion.

Whether it’s shopping for jeans for men or women, finding the perfect fit is always the goal. No matter your body type, mom jeans can be your go-to style. The right combination of roomy and tailored, Cindy and Star are high-waist jeans that bring this fit into modern times with a look that’s sophisticated, cool, and effortless.