Key Women’s Denim Trends for Spring

As the warmth of spring inches closer, it's time to revamp your wardrobe with the latest women’s denim trends that promise to inject a fresh vibe into your style. From retro-inspired silhouettes to sustainable choices, Spring 2024 brings forth an array of denim options that cater to every taste. Let's dive into the key trends dominating the denim scene this season:

1. Retro Revival: Wide-Leg and Flared Jeans

Step back in time and channel the nostalgia of the '70s with wide leg and flared jeans. These timeless styles are making a triumphant comeback, offering a chic and relaxed vibe. The Paloma Marine Wide Leg in Mid Brushed Flex Blue and the Los Angeles Flare in Light Indigo Recycled Blue are must-haves for those seeking a retro flair. Embrace the freedom of movement and effortless elegance with these statement pieces.  

2. Utility Chic: Cargo Pants Take Center Stage 

Function meets fashion with women’s utility and cargo pants, adding a utilitarian edge to your denim collection. Featured prominently this season are the Alva Straight Cargo in Light Indigo Recycled Blue and the Elsie Cargo Pants in Chinchilla Luxe Twill and Flint Stone Luxe Twill. These versatile pieces blend style and practicality seamlessly, perfect for those who prioritize both fashion and functionality. 

3. Cuff it Up: Straight Leg Jeans with a Twist

For a casual yet polished look, opt for cuffed hem straight leg jeans. The Savannah Cuffed Straight Leg in Natural Ecru Denim and Natural Light Denim exude laid-back sophistication. Effortlessly versatile, these jeans can be dressed up or down, making them an essential addition to your spring wardrobe rotation.

4. Skirt the Norm: Long Denim Skirts for Spring: 

Make a statement with long denim skirts that exude feminine charm and sophistication. The Marin Skirt in Bleached Denim and Off White Denim offers a fresh take on classic denim styling. Paired with a fitted top or an oversized blazer, these skirts add a touch of effortless elegance to any ensemble. 


5. Sustainable Style: Organic Denim Done Right: 

Elevate your denim game while championing sustainability with organic denim options. Embrace conscious consumerism with pieces like the New York Straight Leg in Bleached Recycled Blue and Light Indigo Recycled Blue,  as well as the Sydney Flare in Bleach Feather Blue. Not only do these pieces make a style statement, but they also contribute to a more eco-conscious fashion industry. 

In conclusion, Spring 2024 

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