What Does A Men's Pants Rise Mean And How Do You Measure It?

The feeling of perfectly-fitting jeans is hard to compare. The right fit helps you feel confident, stylish, and of course - comfortable. You may already know the difference between bootleg jeans and skinny, but how about between high rise jeans and low rise? Men’s pants rise matters just as much as the cut of the leg in the equation that results in a perfectly-fitting pair.

To help you shop for your best-fitting jeans, we created this guide to pant rises. It includes what a rise is, how you measure it, and examples of men’s jean styles with different rises. 

What is a Pant Rise?

When looking at a pair of jeans for a man, the rise is the distance between the crotch seam and waistband. Men’s pants have two rises: a front rise and a back rise. Both affect how your jeans feel when you wear them. Besides the fit and feel, the rise also changes how your waistline looks, which can help create a more flattering silhouette. Depending on your height, leg length, and body type, there’s a men’s pants rise for you that accentuates your best qualities and feels just-right, too.

How to Measure your Jeans Rise

Start by taking a pair of well-worn jeans from your closet. Jeans that you’ve already worn will offer a more accurate measure of your best fit, including pants rise. Spread the jeans on a flat surface and make sure they’re closed fully before taking a tape measure to the distance between the crotch seam and waistband. Repeat for both front and back rise so you’re taking the measurements of both sides. That’s it: You now have your perfect pants rise.

Types of Rises on Jeans for a Man

The pants rise that feels best for you usually depends on your body type. So let’s explore what men’s jeans rise generally works best for which men.

High Rise Jeans 

Pants that have a rise of 12” or greater fall into this category. Men’s high rise jeans are often better for taller frames - if you’re 6 feet or taller, this is the rise for you. That's because they’ll reach the right part of a longer waist so you don’t look disproportionate. Say you’re 6’5” and you get a pair of low rise jeans; they’ll hit your hips and shorten your legs while extending your torso. But, with a pair of high rise jeans that rest at your navel, you’ll create a balanced silhouette.

Mid Rise Jeans

Men’s jeans with a rise of 9” - 12” qualify as mid-rise jeans. They’re a classic fit for most body types that should rest right at the belly button. Our Matt collection features a mid-rise and relaxed straight leg for a comfortable yet tailored fit that works best on athletic builds. Styles like Matt Dark Shaded Williamsburg and Matt Dark Brushed Feather Blue are ultra-versatile closet staples that maintain incredible comfort while looking sophisticated and effortless no matter the occasion.

Whether you’re looking for bootleg jeans or black skinny jeans for men, your chosen style is likely going to come in a regular rise. This versatile pants rise sits a little lower than mid-rise jeans, often with a rise of 10” - 10.5” instead of 11”. Like mid-rise jeans, regular rise men’s jeans look and feel good on most body types. It’s just a matter of finding the style that suits your tastes.

For a timeless straight leg that’s a true classic in every sense of the word, our Zach fit is a signature style that you can rely on to look and feel great wear after wear. A style like Zach Light Brushed Organic Move has a 10.5” regular rise and feels free and easy to move in while looking sleek in a versatile light blue wash.

If a slimmer look is more your thing, Marcus is our slim-straight fit with a regular 10.5” front rise for those seeking something contemporary but not too skinny. Enjoy the perfect combination of a roomy straight leg and tailored slim leg jean with Marcus Dark Used Tonal Organic Move. This jean has a deep indigo wash that easily dresses up or down and ultra-stretchy fabrication you can wear effortlessly again and again.

And for the guy wanting an even slimmer option, Jake is our slim-leg jean with a 10.5” regular rise. This jean tapers through the hip, thigh, and leg opening. However, it’s carefully designed to never feel too tight yet always look sleek. A modern skinny jean for men in black, Jake Double Black Supermove checks all the boxes of comfort and style with a vintage-inspired fabrication that looks endlessly cool and feels so easy to wear.

Your Found your Rise - Now Find your Style 

So now that you know what a men’s pants rise actually is, it’s time to find the jeans with the rise that’s right for you in the style you love. Mavi has a huge variety of on-trend and timeless jeans for men in different rises, cuts, and fabrications. Check out our men’s jeans and shop for your perfect pair today. And don't forget to pride yourself on understanding what the rise measurement actually means.